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Tobias Greenhalgh

Tom Joad

Katharine Goeldner

Ma Joad

Deanna Breiwick


Robert Orth

Uncle John

Full Cast & Creative Team

Geoffrey Agpalo

Jim Casy/A Lapsed Preacher

Hugh Russell

Noah Joad, Tom's Slow-Witted Brother/Prison Guard

Levi Hernandez

Pa Joad/A Tenant Farmer

MaryAnn McCormick

Granma, Pa and John's Mother

Dennis Petersen

Grampa, Pa & John's Father/Muley Graves, Evicted Farmer/George Endicott, California Farm Owner/Contractor of Migrant Workers/Patrol Guard

Michael Day

Al Joad, Tom's Younger Brother

Andrew Lovato

Connie Rivers, Rosasharn's Husband

Jennifer Panara

Mae, A Waitress

Hannah Dishman

Ruthie, The Younger Sister

Michael Miller

Pete Fowler, A Tractor Operator/Ragged Man, A Cropper/Bill, A Vigilante

Evan Bravos

Joe, A Deputy/Pump Guy 1

Samuel Weiser

Fred, A Deputy/Pump Guy 2

Matthew Dalen

Hank, A Deputy/Lou, A Striker

Daevyd Pepper

Senator, Oklahoma Politician

Megan Callahan

Muley’s Wife

Alex Rosen

Man in Suit, Repossesses Farms/Inspector, An Agricultural Officer

Dominik Belavy

Constable, Enforces Evictions/Joe, A Trucker

Phillip Lopez

Traffic Cop/Peach Checker

Jeff Byrnes

A Trucker/Jim, A Striker

Matthew Swensen

Pump Guy 3

Alexander McKissick

Val, A Cook

Benjamin Dickerson

Bill, A Trucker/Commissary Clerk of Hooper Ranch Store

Nicolette Book

Cropper Woman, Hooverville Squatter

Robert Stahley

Cropper Husband/Washroom Guard/George, A Vigilante

Rafael Helbig-Kostka


Simona Genga

Cabin Mistress at Hooper Ranch

Philippe L’Esperance

Jake, A Striker

Cheyanne Coss

Migrant Chicano Woman 1

Caitlin Redding

Migrant Chicano Woman 2

Erica Petrocelli


Devin Best

Winfield, The Youngest Brother

Nathaniel Mahone

Boy in Barn

Creative Team

Christopher Allen


James Robinson


Allen Moyer

Set Designer

James Schuette

Costume Designer

Christopher Akerlind

Lighting Designer

Tom Watson

Wig and Makeup Design

Seán Curran


Cary John Franklin

Chorus Master

Erie Mills

English Diction Specialist/GYA Teacher/Coach

Andrea Grant


Richard Gammon

Resident Assistant Stage Director

Kimberley S. Prescott

Production Stage Manager

Valerie J. Clatworthy

Assistant Stage Manager

Brandon Ehrenreich

Assistant Stage Manager

Luci Burdick

Intern Assistant Stage Manager


Christopher Allen°


James Robinson

○ Debut Artist

● Former Gerdine Young Artist

† Current Gerdine Young Artist

‡ Richard Gaddes Festival Artist

Premiere of a New Performing Version
Ricky Ian Gordon & Michael Korie

May 27, 31, June 9, 15, 17(m), 21(m), 25

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“Gordon's lyrical gift shines through every page of the score, a melting pot of musical Americana that incorporates blues, jazz, country fiddling, and more.” –Chicago Tribune

When the Dust Bowl sweeps across Oklahoma, the Joad family sets out for a new life in California. But the promised land isn’t all it seems. In the face of countless obstacles, can the American dream survive? Both heartbreaking and uplifting, this acclaimed opera vividly captures all the beauty of John Steinbeck’s best-selling novel.

Baritone Tobias Greenhalgh is Tom Joad, with sopranos Deanna Breiwick as Rosasharn and Katharine Goeldner as Ma Joad.

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