What Audiences and Press are Saying About Orfeo & Euridice

“Inventively contemporary.”
Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times – June, 2018
“Ron Daniels’s staging is inventively contemporary. The grieving Orfeo — the radiant, robust mezzo-soprano Jennifer Johnson Cano... and his companions are dressed in punkish black jeans and leather. A troupe of wild dancers and masked choristers depicting furies of the underworld appeared in fiery red... Hearing Orfeo tell his companions “Leave me alone; I long to mourn for her in peace” enhanced the immediacy of the moment..."

“Musically outstanding.”
Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch – June, 2018
“Jennifer Johnson Cano... brings a big, rich voice that's flawlessly produced in both lyrical and fiendishly challenging coloratura passages... Andriana Chuchman... has a beautiful, soaring voice... The chorus was outstanding, both in its singing and acting... This split of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra played this graceful music with skill and true artistry.. Skarpetowska's dances were effective and athletic.”

“A truly glorious production.”
Steve Callahan, Broadway World – June, 2018
“Opera Theatre St. Louis, with conductor Pierre Vallet and stage director Ron Daniels, uses the latest, polished version of the text to great success.. Jennifer Johnson Cano, a home town girl, totally owns this role... she makes this a truly glorious production.”

“A fresh and irreverent adventure.”
Robert W. Duffy, St. Louis Magazine – June, 2018
“A theatrical riot sparkling with grunge and glitter... as radical as it is rousing... the music is so alluring... the dancing was performed with such grace and transcendent beauty... the singing by the three principals is so magnificent... a crown jewel... brazen... in its rambunctious poke in the eye of tradition... a production at once noble and outrageous in a topsy-turvy world.”

“An exuberant celebration of love.”
Kea Wilson, ALIVE Magazine – June, 2018
“Choreographer Katarzyna Skarpetowska and her performers elevate the avant-garde aspects of this staging, while also amplifying the opera's most powerfully felt moments through movement... Opera-goers who come to enjoy Gluck's expansive arias and duets without distractions will not be disappointed by the space Daniels provides to let the music shine... there's glitter and balloons and an exuberant celebration of love that feels especially timely...”

“Lively and whimsical production.”
Chuck Lavazzi, KDHX – June, 2018
“What really makes this Orfeo work... are the performances by the stellar cast, headed by mezzo Jennifer Johnson Cano... The emotional range of the role is considerable, encompassing grief, defiance, and joy, and Ms. Cano portrays all of the character's many moods convincingly... Soprano Andriana Chuchman, who was so compelling in OTSL's Shalimar the Clown in 2016, once again impresses as Euridice... She has a rich soprano that flows like liquid gold...”

“Opera and ballet blend delightfully.”
Mark Bretz, Ladue News – June, 2018
“Wednesday evening's effort showed how fine this rendition of Orfeo & Euridice truly is... Opera Theatre of Saint Louis scores another success with this refreshing and intoxicating interpretation... sumptuous ballet performances by the Big Muddy Dance Company complement the excellent work of the OTSL cast to make this a memorable rendition... Jennifer Johnson Cano... sends her powerful voice soaring in some very difficult arias... [Pierre] Vallet gets a spirited reading of the score.”

“A refreshing dose of mystic escapism.”
Rob Levy, Review STL – June, 2018
“Superbly executed on several fronts, Orfeo & Euridice dispenses with cumbersome intricacies in favor of a more straightforward story rounded out with a general seasoning of ballet and a gorgeous orchestration swaddled in horns and strings... Loaded with captivating performances, Orfeo & Euridice is a glorious feast of high drama.”