What Audiences and Press are Saying About La traviata

“A winning, heartbreaking 'Traviata' from Opera Theatre of St. Louis.”
Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch – May, 2018
“Soprano Sydney Mancasola is beautiful... with a true and well-produced instrument. Sympathetic as the doomed courtesan, she brought out Violetta's strength as well as her vulnerabilities in a well-rounded performance... Tenor Geoffrey Agpalo has been notable in character roles at OTSL in past seasons. Here he's well-cast as the romantic lead, with an effortless, open sound through the entire range and the requisite passion to convince as Alfredo.”

“Traviata triumphs at Opera Theatre of St. Louis.”
Steve Callahan, Broadway World – May, 2018
“Scene designer Laura Jellinek places the story in the bosom of gigantic camellia blossoms. They surround the stage, and under the gorgeous lighting of Christopher Akerlind they take on all the hues and shadows of gaiety and love and sorrow and loneliness and mourning-écru to orchid to rose to a deep blue-violet to passionate red to an ashen chilly ice. It's amazing work. Within this beautiful frame we are treated to some astonishing voices... Conductor Christopher Allen does brilliant work, especially in his subtle control of dynamics... Patricia Racette reaches beyond her career as a fine soprano to make her debut as stage director of this production. She handles her large cast with a deft hand.”

“Thrills through the final note.”
Sarah Fenske, Riverfront Times – May, 2018
“The music resonates, a series of beautifully interwoven high points that could each star in its very own luxury car commercial. And here it is so achnigly beautiful, you'll be wiping a tear from your eye long before Violetta ascends to her reward... It's a grand production.”

“Lush and lovely in every way.”
Steve Allen, Stage Door St. Louis – May, 2018
“From set to lighting to costumes to voices and acting, this is a simply splendid production from every aspect... Sydney Mancasola is a wonderful Violetta... Her clear as crystal soprano is a delight to listen to as she breezes through arias and duets with nuance and clarity... Agpalo's bright tenor is a pleasing match to Mancasola's soprano and their duets together are spectacular.”

“An audio-visual fest.”
Ann Pollack, St. Louis Eats & Drinks – May, 2018
“Here, director Patricia Racette has set [La traviata] in Paris in the Thirties, full Art Deco, with a little art decadence thrown in... Sydney Mancasola is our Violetta, elegant in both appearance and voice, and as passionately emotional as she ought to be in this dramatic role... Agpalo... sounds marvelous... The chemistry between them seems palpable, interrupted only by the appearance of Alfredo's father, Georgio. As sung by Joo Wan Kang, he's a wam, concerned parent, and he, too, hits the vocal mark with considerable panache. These three sweep us through the story.”

“Bold and vivacious interpretation.”
Rob Levy, St. Louis Review – May, 2018
“Having starred as Violetta repeatedly in various forms and incarnations, the bold Racette does not disappoint in delivering an invigorated production of a classic work... Racette's presentation pairs bright colors and Camillas as visual centerpieces that contextually frame the taut fragility underpinning Violetta and Alfredo's tumultuous relationship... La traviata resonates emotionally by amplifying the feminism of Sydney Mancasola's Violetta and pairing it with the adolescent charm and vulnerability ot tenor Geoffrey Agpalo's Alfredo... OTSL's La traviata delivers a bold and vivacious interpretation that melds torn hearts with terrific performances from its ensemble cast.”