Standing Ovations for Philip Glass & Christopher Hampton

On Sunday, June 4, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis opened its newest American premiere: The Trial by renowned composer Philip Glass and prolific playwright/librettist Christopher Hampton. In Opera Theatre’s 42 seasons, the company has produced 27 American premieres, so the debut of yet another premiere can often feel “normal” in St. Louis. Not so for The Trial’s opening night!


The staff, artists, and audience were thrilled to welcome Philip Glass and Christopher Hampton to St. Louis for the American premiere of their third collaboration. The two creators enjoyed a pre-show dinner reception that toasted their work and attended the opening night performance. When the house lights came back on at the end of the show, the composer and librettist were called to the stage for a well-deserved bow and the most enthusiastic applause and cheers of the evening. As audiences streamed out into the gardens for the traditional opening night champagne reception, multitudes of toasts were made in Philip and Christopher’s honor.


Given opera’s long history, it is rare to have the opportunity to salute the living creators of a production. Opera Theatre could not feel more privileged to be able to share the acclaim for this sharp new production with the men who brought Franz Kafka’s novel to the stage. Bravi, Philip and Christopher!