GYA Audition Tour Report from the Road

By Madalyn Mentor, Artistic Coordinator

The search for our next cast of Gerdine Young Artists is currently underway with the annual GYA Audition Tour! With trips to six cities over the course of ten days, it has definitely been a whirlwind.

Traveling around the US and listening to singers is incredibly rewarding and exciting. It is about truly listening — not only for voices that meet our immediate needs, but with an ear toward planning for the future. It is about hearing promise, hearing talent, and crafting the upcoming season while also considering future seasons.

When you hear as many as 50 or 60 singers in a single day, it's key to remember that you are looking for someone who is not only an accomplished performer, but an artist who can inspire audiences through their participation in the chorus, small roles, and covers for the season.

As an audition panel, we confer and share our opinions, strategizing and discussing thoughts and possible assignments. It is so exciting to watch a season take shape as this process moves forward.

The audition tour is an intense week for all of us — and involves plenty of coffee runs — but we still find opportunities to have fun along the way. (Including a duck pin bowling outing in Bloomington, Indiana!)

I can't say how inspiring it is to work, travel, and learn from professionals like Music Director Emeritus Stephen Lord, Resident Conductor Roberto Kalb, Director of Artistic Administration Paul Kilmer, and Audition Consultant Sandra Horst. As the audition tour comes to a close, we are in awe of the amazing talent we've encountered and can't wait to share a piece of it with you during the 2019 Festival Season.

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