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Jennifer Johnson Cano Returns to St. Louis as Orfeo

2018 Orfeo Dance Preview Video

2018 Season Preview Video

The Gerdine Young Artist Program

Take the plunge!!

2017 The Grapes of Wrath Press Raves

2017 Kids Club Trailer

2017 Titus Preview Teaser

2017 The Trial Trailer

2017 The Trial Preview Teaser

2017 The Grapes of Wrath Audience Reactions

2017 The Grapes of Wrath Preview Teaser

2017 Madame Butterfly Audience Reactions

2017 Madame Butterfly Preview Teaser

The Opera Theatre Experience Video

2017 Season Preview Video

Young Friends Experience Video

2016 Shalimar the Clown Preview Video

Don't miss this breath-taking world premiere!

2016 Center Stage Preview Video

Don't miss this one night only concert!

2016 Shalimar the Clown Audience Reaction

Hear audiences rave about this world premiere!

2016 Ariadne on Naxos Audience Reaction Video

Don't just take our word for it ... hear what audiences are saying about "Ariadne on Naxos"!

2016 Ariadne on Naxos Preview Video

Don't miss this mashup of profound romance and hilarious comedy!

2016 Macbeth Audience Reaction

Hear what audiences have to say about Macbeth!

2016 Macbeth Preview Video

You've never heard Shakespeare like this ...

2016 La bohème Audience Reaction Video

Hear what audiences think of the first production in our 2016 season!

2016 La bohème Preview Video

A sneak peek at our first opera of the 2016 season!

2016 Season Preview Video

A preview of our upcoming 2016 festival season!

Workshop performance of "Boonyi" aria

From the world premiere opera Shalimar the Clown

2016 Tim's Take on Center Stage

2016 Tim's Take on Shalimar the Clown

2016 Tim's Take on Ariadne on Naxos

2016 Tim's Take on Macbeth

2016 Tim's Take on La bohème

Barber of Seville

Tim's Take on the Barber of Seville

La Rondine

Tim's Take on La Rondine

Richard the Lionheart

Tim's Take on Richard the Lionheart


Tim's Take on Emmeline

The Elixir of Love

Tim's Take on The Elixir of Love

The Magic Flute - Part 1

Tim's Take on The Magic Flute - Part 1: The Opera

The Magic Flute - Part 2

Tim's Take on The Magic Flute - Part 2: The Production

Twenty-Seven - Part 1

Tim's Take on Twenty-Seven - Part 1: The Commission

Twenty-Seven - Part 2

Tim's Take on Twenty-Seven - Part 2: The Cast

The Pirate's of Penzance

Tim's Take on The Pirates of Penzance

Dialogues of the Carmelites

Tim's Take on Dialogues of the Carmelites

The Kiss

Tim's Take on The Kiss

Il Tabarro & Pagliacci

Tim's Take on Il Tabarro & Pagliacci

2013 Festival Season

Tim's Take on the 2013 Festival Season

2015 Emmeline Audience Reaction

2015 Emmeline Preview

2015 Richard the Lionheart Audience Reaction

2015 Richard the Lionheart Preview

2015 La rondine Audience Reaction

2015 La rondine Preview

2015 The Barber of Seville Audience Reaction

2015 The Barber of Seville Preview

2014 "27" Preview Video

2014 "27" Audience Reaction Video


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