Seasonal Van Driver Share

Opera Theatre’s Artistic Department is seeking  van drivers to transport visiting artists using a company van. Candidates must be available for the 9 week OTSL festival run from April 27 until June 29, 2014.  Applicants must have or be willing to obtain a chauffeur’s license (Class E).  The expense for a Class E license will be reimbursed by Opera Theatre, and the license is valid for three years.  Two van driver positions are available; the daytime shift and evening shift. The daytime shift would be on call from 8 AM  until 5 PM, and the evening shift would be on call from 5 PM until 12 AM. The first and last rides of the day would depend on the scheduled events, which change daily.   Each driver would receive one day off per week.  One shift driver would be on call all day Saturday and the other shift driver would be on call all day Sunday.  The van in not constant motion during either shift, rather van runs are scheduled to coordinate with rehearsal/performance activities. 

Please contact Stephanie, Manager of Artistic Operations for more details:; (314) 963-4245 (direct line).