Volunteer Opportunities Share

Please Join Us By Contributing Your Enthusiasm And Skills In The Following Areas:

AdvocacyWrite and speak to elected officials in support of performing arts funding and legislation
DocentsPresent opera-related lectures for schools, senior centers, and community groups
MarketingDistribute materials at community programs and events

Assist with student and adult education programs throughout the year

BoutiqueSell merchandise in our popular Opera Theatre Boutique
Dress RehearsalsUsher or sell refreshments in the theatre lobby during May and June dress rehearsals
LibrettiType and edit opera libretti
Mailing and Office AssistanceAssemble mailings for Opera Theatre activities, answer phones, and provide office support
GardenMaintain the gardens surrounding Opera Theatre during the season 
HousingProvide temporary housing for visiting singers and seasonal company members
Lightwalkers, Dressers, and SupersServe as an artist stand-in during lighting rehearsals, assist the costume crew backstage, or be an extra on stage
TransportationProvide airport transportation for visiting artists and production personnel

While many of our committees can be tailored to your schedule, our Tempos will be called to work on short term or one-time projects throughout the year