Opera on the Go Share

Bring Live Opera to Your Classroom!

An introduction to the fantastic world of opera through three mini-workshops focusing on Characters & Music, Opera & Comedy, and Make-up. Designed for young people in grades 3–12, the program ends with a 30-minute semi-staged performance of Rossini’s The Barber of Seville by five of Opera Theatre’s outstanding Gerdine Young Artists with piano accompaniment. Teaching artists will use a traveling set, props and costumes and encourage lots of audience participation! Each program is two hours long and is recommended for no more than 100 students.

Music is a vital part of
an opera. Students will
discover how music
can create a mood,
setting, or even identify
characters. Students
will also explore how
opera uses the same
themes they hear and
experience every day
in pop music.
Opera can be funny!
This workshop
demonstrates the
elements that go
into telling a comedic
story and explores
how music informs
the comedy and
staging choices.
Singers must master
basic make-up
techniques to create
their character’s age,
personality, and
appearance. Students
will learn a few of
these basic skills as
they see participants
transformed before
their eyes.

Program Needs

  • A tuned piano in good condition
  • Three separate spaces to accommodate the workshops, including a performance space of 30’ x 20’.
  • Two corded or wireless microphones

Cost per school presentation is $600.

Available Dates
Oct. 19–30, 2015

Click here to view the brochure. For more information or to make reservations, call (314) 963-4250, or email 250@opera-stl.org.

Made possible with leadership support from the Fred M. Saigh Endowment at Opera Theatre and with a generous grant from  monsanto-fund-rgb